About Us

HAPPY DOG SALON is a Grooming Parlour of choice. We are an owner operated Grooming Parlour who deliver personal as well as special attention to each of our visiting pets.

HAPPY DOD SALON was the First Grooming Parlour to open its doors in Centurion almost 35 years ago in the mid 1980`s. Our staff experience well exceed 55 years in combined service.

We are the most experienced Grooming Parlour in Centurion and we render services of very high standards. Our love for animals is the reason for our success as a Grooming Parlour and we are committed to keep our high standards for the benefit of our Clients and their adorable pets.

You as a valuable client can be assured that you leave your pet “Child” in the care of very loving and professional people every time when you visit our Grooming Parlour.