Grooming at HAPPY DOG SALON does not just consist of washing, brushing and cutting your loved ones.

We are offering services that by far exceeds the normal run of the mill that you find at average parlours.

HAPPY DOG SALON we offer additional services like basic skin inspections, basic teeth inspections, basic ear inspections. We check for sores, ingrown nails, as well as the general wellness of each pet that goes through our Grooming Parlour every day.

We regard every pet as a special client who deserves the best possible treatment available.

You as the client will be contacted immediately after we identified any condition that regards attention.

We wash every animal individually in fresh, clean and warm water. We believe that each pet deserves the best treatment and one on one attention during every visit to our Grooming Parlour.

est assured that your Furry child is in the best possible care the entire time he or she are visiting our Grooming Parlour.

Dog Grooming

Our staff are fully trained and qualified to Groom all dog breeds. We are experienced in the Grooming off every Grooming Style known.

Whether it is Scotty Style, Schnauzer Style, Cowboy Style or Poodle Style with or without Poms or just a Summer or a Winter cut, we are ready to serve in the best possible way that we can.

Kitties need grooming too!

Cat Grooming

We love cats, all breeds of cats! We are in the business of excellent service to all our client’s cats that visit our Parlour.

We are the best possible and very well-known Grooming Parlour where your Cat will always be the centre of attention during his/her entire visit.

We believe that each cat has, his/or her own unique personality and we treat each of them accordingly.

Pick up and deliver service.

HAPPY DOG SALON offers a permanent pick up and deliver service every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

We pick up on a weekly, two weekly, monthly as well as two monthly bases. Once your name is on our Whatsapp list as a regular vehicle client, you will be reminded the day before in accordance with your arrangement with us.

The bottom line is that here at HAPPY DOG SALON you will receive peace of mind and you will know that your pet “child” is in the best possible care available.

Our vehicle is safe, secure and protected against all weather conditions with purpose build cages to carry your pet safely to and from your house.

Our Business hours

HAPPY DOG SALON operates six days a week. We are open every Monday to Friday from 7:30 until 15:00. We are open every Saturday from 08:00 until 13:00.

We are closed every Sunday as-well -as every public holiday.

We are the only Grooming Parlour who is open on a Monday.

Our Business hours

  1. Pensioners: We offer a 10% discount to pensioners born before 1958 on maximum of 2 dogs per pensioner every Friday. From the 3rd and 4th dog the discount will be 5%.
  2. On Mondays we offer a 10% discount to every client with two or three dogs who visit our Grooming Parlour.
  3. We have a coupon system where you receive a free wash after 10 paid washes providing that you visit our parlour every month for 10 months in a row. Each dog/cat to a maximum of two pets per client on the coupon qualify for the free wash after 10 consecutive visits to our parlour for a wash and a groom.